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Terms and Condition to be read by Participants :

  1. Registration Form dully filled.
  2. Documents to be supplied and sent to: kiteival-kite-surf, C/o LUX* Sports - LUX* Resorts Ltd, Pierre Simonet Street, Floreal, Mauritius
  3. Photocopy of ID card or 1st page of passport
  4. KITEIVAL ENTRY FEE: EUR100 - Entry Fee includes: Kiteival's souvenir T-shirt, wearing number, lunch and non alcoholic drinks during stages, safety boat following the riders. Cancellation Fees: no refund as from 20.06.17 / 50% prior to 20.06.17
  5. Documents to be submitted:
    1. Registration Form dully filled
    2. Photocopy of identity card or 1st page of passport
    3. Payment of Registration Fee .
  6. For entry to KITEIVAL, the following is required from the participant: minimum riding skills required are riding upwind easily, riding amongst other Kiters and knowledge of priority rules. Any rider riding dangerously or stating higher skill level than actual and thereby being a hazard to other Kiters will be eliminated from participation without any recourse whatsoever. The eliminated participant will not be refunded. The Organizing Committee can also cancel or postpone any stage or event for security reasons and any matter arising beyond its control.
  7. Please find attached Liability Form to be read by participants.
  8. For further technical information please contact Nico Kux ,